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Congratulations to our new Order of the Arrow assembly and brotherhood members!

Congratulations to our new Order of the Arrow assembly and brotherhood members!

Troop 421 Scouts participated in the Fall Order of the Arrow assembly, completing their ordeal and brotherhood ceremonies. Congratulations!

The Order of the Arrow is the Boy Scouts of America National Honor Society. For more than 100 years, the Order of the Arrow (OA) has recognized Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. 



Congratulations Grayson Canary (New Eagle Scout for 2017)

Congratulations to Grayson Canary for completing his Eagle Scout rank. The former patrol leader, ASPL, and SPL officially gained his rank during his ceremony last month in August. After his long and hard journey he has finally gotten to the highest rank of a scouter and has made Troop 421 proud.

Grayson Canary and I (Noah Klahn) started Scouts together as Tiger Cubs and crossed over into Boy Scouts in 2010. Along with many campouts and summer camps, Grayson attended Philmont high adventure camp, a highlight of his Scouting career.

Scouting is about actively being a good citizen and serving the community. Grayson completed his project at the Covenant United Method Church basketball courts  in early Spring.  The courts are a place where nearby lower income residents as well as the surrounding neighborhood can enjoy the outdoors. Congratulations!






ASM Mac Cannary’s Order Of The Arrow Vigil


ASM Mac Cannary earned his Order of the Arrow Vigil on 14 May, 2017. The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Tonkawa lodge of the Order of the Arrow can bestow on an Arrowman as it signifies Mac’s many years of service to the Community, Scouting and the OA.

ASM Mac Canary standing with Mr. Ford.

Camporee 2017 (Umbrellas Recommended)

This weekend Troop 421 attended the Armadillo District 2017 Boy Scout Camporee at Smilin’ V Ranch. The Camporee had many activity stations and lots of scouts were present despite the rainy weather. Thankfully troop 421 packed umbrellas! Always be prepared.

Scouts standing around a campfire in a can.

Court of Honor (Bring Your Desserts) 01/30/17

On Monday, January 30th we will be having a Troop Court of Honor at 7PM at Covenant United Methodist Church. Many scouts will be receiving awards so we are encouraging their parents to attend.  We need families attending to bring desserts to enjoy after the presentation.

Hope you join us next Monday to celebrate these awards!

Troop moves to Slack for Scout Communication


Troop Moves to Slack for Scout Communication

The Troop recently moved to using the communication tool, Slack (, for better productivity and organization.

I sat down recently with Slack’s very own SlackBot for information regarding how to join the Troop’s chat group.

(An interview with SlackBot.)

NK: How are you?

SlackBot: Good, and you?

NK: Great, so how does one sign up for Slack?

SlackBot: All you have to do is find your team by giving the scout master your email, for instance the boy scout team is called Troop 421 ATX, and then you create an account for your team’s page.

NK: How does someone find important announcements?

SlackBot: Well, to find announcements go to your team’s homepage, then look at the side bar and you will see something called channels. For instance, on your Troop’s slack team the appropriate channel would be #announcements.

NK: What else can channels be used for beside announcements?

SlackBot: Channels can be used for all kinds of different things! For instance, your team has channels like #random and #PLC.

Troop 421 ILST

Troop 421 held the Fall 2016 Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops on Saturday, August 27. The workshop held for Scout leadership was filled with instruction, fun and pizza!

Special Thanks to troop 410 for teaching the training!

Even Pop the dog decided to say hi!
Scribing at its best!
Module One in progress.
Every SPL must learn to ‘juggle’ their responsibilities.
Trust is an important part of being in leadership.
Teamwork makes the dream work!
Always raise your hand when asking a question.
EDGE method: paper airplane edition!
Always be a good listener to your instructor.