Troop moves to Slack for Scout Communication


Troop Moves to Slack for Scout Communication

The Troop recently moved to using the communication tool, Slack (, for better productivity and organization.

I sat down recently with Slack’s very own SlackBot for information regarding how to join the Troop’s chat group.

(An interview with SlackBot.)

NK: How are you?

SlackBot: Good, and you?

NK: Great, so how does one sign up for Slack?

SlackBot: All you have to do is find your team by giving the scout master your email, for instance the boy scout team is called Troop 421 ATX, and then you create an account for your team’s page.

NK: How does someone find important announcements?

SlackBot: Well, to find announcements go to your team’s homepage, then look at the side bar and you will see something called channels. For instance, on your Troop’s slack team the appropriate channel would be #announcements.

NK: What else can channels be used for beside announcements?

SlackBot: Channels can be used for all kinds of different things! For instance, your team has channels like #random and #PLC.