Troop 421 has both youth-facing positions, such as the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters, and adult-facing positions such as Committee Chair and Treasurer.

The Scoutmaster is the adult responsible for working directly with the Scouts to help them create the program for the troop. The Scoutmaster trains boy leaders to run the troop by providing direction, coaching, and support.

Scoutmaster: Jennifer Childs
Assistant Scoutmasters: Chip Coy, John Chapman, Conrad Klahn, Ali Unwala


We take the commitment to the safety of our children seriously in Troop 421. Leaders, as well as ALL adults who will be involved with activities (including camping trips, overnighters, etc.), are required to complete BSA Youth Protection Training.

Boy Scout Leadership Positions

In order to advance to the rank of Star, Life, and Eagle Scout, a Boy Scout must serve actively in a  Position of Responsibility in one of the following leadership positions.

For Star, you must hold one of these positions for 4 months or more and for Life and Eagle you must hold them for 6 months or more.

All Scout Leaders must attend Troop Leadership Training provided by the Troop, earning the Trained badge.

Expectations for these positions are documented in the Troop 421 Handbook 2014.