The Boy Scout Troop Committee consists of parents and volunteers who help conduct the business of the troop, setting policy, and helping the Scoutmaster with the outdoor program and other planned activities.

For Committee meeting agendas and notes, click here. The next committee meeting is currently scheduled for April 22nd at 7pm. This is an open meeting and anyone is welcome to attend.

If you are interesting in helping the Troop, please contact the Troop 421 Committee Chair Yancy Parsons at or 254-717-7567.

Troop Committee positions:

  • Committee Chair – Yancy Parsons
  • Advancement Chair – Joe Kennell
  • Eagle Coordinator – Ben Ford
  • Outdoor/Activities Chair – Jac Greene
  • Treasurer – Teri Piersall
  • Equipment Coordinator – Jay Piersall


Committee Members:

  • Gregg Bennett
  • Tate Davis
  • Steve Elliot
  • Darron Fleming
  • Melissa Guthrie
  • Lynn Maverick
  • Kevin McBryde
  • Jarrett Nelson
  • Gary Pape
  • Julie Parsons
  • Allen Walker

Parents are always needed to help for tasks such as Fundraising and Friends of Scouting, Membership, Training, Communications and Secretary. Committee members also have the responsibility to serve on Boards of Review. Without the Committee, our Scouts would not be able to advance to their next rank.

We take the commitment to the safety of our children seriously in Troop 421. Leaders, as well as ALL adults who will be involved with activities (including camping trips, overnighters, etc.), are required to complete Youth Protection Training.

YPT is completed online and/or in the classroom (required for Texas Youth Camps). You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one prior to taking the YPT. Send a copy of your course certification to the Troop Committee Chair.

YPT is valid for 2 years from the date that the training is completed. After that time, you will need to be re-certified.
Troop 421 Committee Team Members and Job Descriptions

Unit Chaplain:

  • Monitor and mentor Chaplain’s Aide
  • Assists and encourages attaining religious emblems
  • Assists in planning non-denominational worship experiences within Troop activities
  • Acts as resource person and point of reference for spiritual needs.

Committee Scribe:

  • Records minutes of monthly Committee meetings.
  • Reviews minutes of previous meetings at Committee meetings.
  • Provides copies of minutes and meeting reminders to committee members and those special requested participants in advance of meetings.

Committee Chairman:

  • Prepares agenda for committee meetings.
  • Chairs monthly committee meetings.
  • Assists in recruiting committee members.
  • Approves volunteer adult leader applications on behalf of the Troop Committee.
  • Works with Scoutmaster to identify how the committee can further assist the Troop membership.
  • Monitors the training, development and recognition of Adult Leaders (Scoutmaster, ASM’s, etc.)

Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters:

· Non-Voting attendee and not actually part of the Toop Committee but serves at the direction of the committee.
· Responsible for all youth related programs within the Troop.
· Trains youth leaders in the performance of their duties.
· Develops the annual program in conjunction with the Patrol Leader’s Council. Based on the developed program, he communicates needs for specific support to the appropriate committee members.
· Serves as advisor to monthly Patrol Leader’s Council meetings held to determine monthly/weekly program offerings.
· Reviews all advancement progress and approves all Scouts for review for rank advancement through Scoutmaster’s Conference.
· Assist with Eagle project preparations & Eagle project follow-up.
· Approves youth officer election and appointments upon discussion with Senior Patrol Leader.
· Appoints Assistant Scoutmasters and Junior Assistant Scoutmasters.
· Delegates specific duties to Assistant and Junior Assistant Scoutmasters.
· Attends monthly District Roundtables.
· Coordinates Troop activities with those of the local district and council.


· Coordinates overall advancement program.
· In conjunction with Troop Scribe, maintains complete and up-to-date records of all advancement and records all service hours worked by the Scouts.
· Reports completed merit badges and names of scouts receiving randks at each Committee meeting.
· Develops list of merit badge counselors.
· Manages quality control for ranks and merit badges.
· Identifies slow movers.
· Coordinates and serves as Chairman of regular boards of Review for Star, Life and Eagle.
· Insures committee members serving on boards are prepared to evaluate Scout’s performance for his advancement according to standards established by Boy Scouts of America.
· Develops meaningful service projects to benefit the community.
· Picks up awards at Council Office.

Sub-Committee Members:

Chartered Organization Rep:

· Attends Troop Committee meetings as a representative of the Covenant United Methodist Men.
· Represents Troop plans and needs to Covenant United Methodist Men.
· Works with Scoutmaster to identify how the Methodist Men can further assist the Troop membership and how the Troop can assist the church.
· Assist Troop committee in identifying resources within the Church.
· Approves volunteer adult leader applications on behalf of Covenant United Methodist Men.


· Identifies potential fund-raising activities.
· Recruits parents for running individual projects.
· Serves as Unit Popcorn Chair.
· Maintains records of individual Scout participation in fund raising activities.
· Works with Troop committee to set amount each Scout should assist in raising, after expenses, awards and credits are deducted. This figure allows that Scout to fulfill his obligation to the Troop either through participation in fund raising activity or by paying his share of the needed profits into the Troop treasury.

Finance (Treasurer):

· Attends weekly Troop meetings to collect dues and other fees.
· Provides Scoutmaster with monthly up-to-date list of paid Scouts.
· Using accepted accounting practices, distributes funds into appropriate accounts.
· Pays routine bills.
· Records expenses by nature, including expenses from unit account.
· Provides finance statement at each Committee meeting.

Sub-Committee Members:

Outdoor Program:
Winter Camp Coordinator:
Summer Camp Coordinator:

· Coordinates an active outdoor program of monthly overnight outings in conjunction with SPL, ASPL, PS’s and Scoutmaster.
· Insures that outdoor program meets the Health and Safety guidelines of the Troop and National Council.
· Makes and confirms reservations where needed.
· Secures Tour Permits from local Council at least two weeks prior to event.
· Prepares permission slips for distribution three weeks prior to event. Collects permission slips and camping fees with Treasurer

Sub-Committee Members:


· Serves as Advisor to Quartermaster, assisting in inventories of equipment and disbursing and collecting clean gear.
· Coordinates the delivery to, and pick up from, the gathering point of all equipment for campouts.
· At the end of the youth leader’s term of office, inspects the patrol equipment with the Troop Quartermaster to determine it’s condition and any replacement that needs to be made.
· Identifies and recommends repairs and purchases needed gear. Maintains log of repairs and purchases.

Sub-Committee Members:


· Provides safe, reliable and timely transportation of Scouts and equipment to and from unit activities.
· Insures that all transportation meets National Council and Troop insurance and safety guidelines.

Courts of Honor:

· Coordinates youth-development programs and physical arrangements for awards presentations with the youth Master of Ceremonies, SPL, Scoutmaster, and Advancement Chairperson.
· Procures and maintains any props needed for ceremonies.
· Assists in developing special awards for youth and adults.

Social Program:

· Manages potluck dinner activities.
· Coordinates refreshments for Courts of Honor.
· Coordinates refreshments for Troop parties.

Troop Wall Coordinator:
Troop Webmaster:

· Prepares Troop 421 Newsletter from articles provided.
· Copies, addresses and mails newsletter to each family in the Troop and to each adult without a son in Scouting.
· Prepares and mails special announcements regarding Courts of Honor and other special activities.
· Provides information on awards and outings to “Neighbor” section of local paper and neighborhood publications.
· Works with Courts of Honor, Outdoor Program and Advancement Chair to ensure all families are notified about Courts of Honor and other family-oriented events.

Sub-Committee Members:

Cub Coordinator:

· Establishes and maintains communication with the Packs
· Assists with coordinating annual Webelos Woods campout
· Coordinates visits by the Packs/Dens with the Troop
· Assists the Packs with their crossover ceremony
· Assists Pack in securing Den Chiefs or other Troop assistance as needed

Adult Training:

· Ensure Troop leaders and Committee Members have opportunities for training
· Maintain an inventory of up-to-date training materials, videotapes and other training resources
· Work with the district training team in scheduling Fast Start Training for all new members
· Be responsible for coordination of BSA Youth Protection Training within the Troop
· Inform and encourage Troop Committee members of training opportunities concluding in filing and following up on recognition and awards