Welcome to Troop 421!

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 421!

BSA Troop 421 is chartered by the United Methodist Men’s club of Covenant United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas. Our Scoutmaster is Jennifer Childs.

Troop 421 Chartered Organization Representative is Jack Gindler. Troop 421 is a unit of the Armadillo District of the Capitol Area CouncilBoy Scouts of America.


Troop 421 is a youth-led, actively-camping Troop (we camp 10 months of the year). Our young men learn by doing!

Our Troop is also supported by an active group of adults and parents who volunteer their time in committee positions.

Troop 421 quick-start guide

This page is a quick-start guide to joining the troop and preparing for your first troop activities.

New Scout Joining Requirements
When you join Boy Scouts, there are tasks the Scout and Scout Parent complete, and tasks that Scouts complete with their new Troop. (The Boy Scouts of America website and Boy Scout Handbook cover these steps in more detail.)

Scout and Scout Parent tasks:

  • Meet the age requirements. Usually, this is a boy who is earning his Cub Scout Arrow of Light.
  • Find a Scout troop near your home. You should visit at least 3.
  • Complete a Boy Scout application and health history signed by the Scout Parent or Guardian.
  • Scout and Scout Parent or Guardian complete the exercises in the Boy Scout Handbook pamphlet, How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide.

Preparing for your first Troop Meeting
Boy Scout Troop 421 meets every Monday night, 7:00 PM at Covenant United Methodist Church.  Scouts are expected to be on time and in uniform.  Troop 421 uses a full uniform, except for neckerchief. The uniform can be purchased from the Capital Area Council Scout Shop.

Remember to bring your Boy Scout Handbook to all Troop Meetings and Campouts! Scouts often work on skills with other Scouts and when completed these need to be recorded in the Scout Handbook. Scoutmasters will often ask to see the Scout Handbook to check on progress and as points of discussion with the Scouts.

Scouts begin their first meeting by learning the requirements for the Scout rank.

For more information: Troop 421 Handbook 2014

Staying up-to-date
Troop 421 communicates to Scouts and Scout Parents using the Troop Slack. See our Links page for more Troop resources.

Preparing for your first Troop Campout
Knowing what to pack and wear to your first Boy Scout Campout can be confusing. We have listed resources below to help guide you.

In addition to the Boy Scout uniform, Troop 421 travels to campouts in a yellow travel polo. This helps the Scouts stand out in areas of busy traffic and when we stop at busy rest areas. The polo is purchased from the Troop (this is not a fundraiser) prior to the first campout.

Scouts usually sign up for the campout two Troop Meetings prior to the campout. At the Troop Meeting prior to the campout, Scouts turn in meal money ($15) and plan to go shopping that week (usually Thursday evenings) for food.

To-do list before the campout:

More campout information:


Troop 421 Summer Camps
Every summer Troop 421 travels to Boy Scout Summer Camp, sometimes in Texas, sometimes far away like Colorado and New Mexico. See where we’ve been! (Troop 421 Summer Camps)

For 2018, we are attending Louise and Clark Scout Camp in South Dakota.