The very first requirement for all Scouts, is learning the Scout Oath and Scout Law. This is important because each rank requires that the Scout live the Scout Oath and Scout Law daily!

Boy Scouting has the following ranks: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle.


The Boy Scout requirements for rank are the basis for a Boy Scout’s advancement. (For more information, see Early Rank Requirements.)

The requirements for each rank are those authorized by the National Executive Board and set forth in the Boy Scout Handbook, and the current Boy Scout Requirements book. In addition, Troop 421 believes in the principles of Leave No Trace, and includes the Outdoor Code as part of the requirements for rank advancement.

There are four steps in the Boy Scout advancement procedure: learning, testing, reviewing, and recognition. The Troop actively assists Scouts towards earning their First Class rank.

Steps to advancement:

  • Work on advancement skills with a First Class (or higher) Scout. In the first year, this includes working with the Troop Guide.
  • Request a Scoutmaster Conference when you have completed the requirements for the rank. (A Scout can work with the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster at any time to review their requirements.)
  • Request a Board of Review from the Advancement Chair. The Advancement Chair will then schedule the Board of Review with the Troop Committee.

After First Class, Scouts are supported in reaching their Scouting goals. For the later ranks, merit badge completion is required (both regular and Eagle-required) which Scouts commonly earn at Summer Camp and Winter Camp, as well as at Merit Badge University and other Scouting events at the direction of merit badge counselors.

Boy Scout Ranks:

  • Scout
  • Tenderfoot
  • Second Class
  • First Class
  • Star
  • Life
  • Eagle

Scouts are honored for their achievements at the Troop Court of Honor. These events are held 2-3 times a year.

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I Can!

Individual Common Advancement Needs a.k.a. “I CAN”
This section of our website is designed to assist Individual Scouts who are working on their Scouting goals to successfully pursue advancement within our Troop. The technologies and resources provided herein will assist a Scout at a variety of levels.
“I CAN” is meant not only to simplify a Scouts life but to better enable our Troop to service our individual Scouts advancment needs.

Personal Responsibility and Accountability are the cornerstones of Scout advancement.

Advancing in our troop is easy with a little work and commitment!
Commit to and follow through to completion the different items in each Rank. VIEW THESE VIDEOS should you have a question on any items in the Tenderfoot, 2nd Class or 1st Class rank requirements. NEW Rank Requirements are included from time to time and will be expected for the currently attempted rank.

Once you have completed each Ranks requirements, request a Scoutmaster Conference. Our Scoutmaster will determine if you have acquired sufficent knowledge and skill for your Rank. There may or may not be a need to revisit specific items.

Once you have successfully completed your Scoutmaster Conference then you attend a Board of Review. These can be scheduled back to back but will more likely be seperated by a few days.

That’s it!
Merit Badges can be worked on at anytime.

Please explore The Troop 421 Ulitmate Merit Badge Page for more information. You can investigate different topics and print helpful worksheets for each Merit Badge.

Once you have selected a Merit Badge, please request a Blue Card by scrolling the Merit Badge Sash to the Badge you wish to work on and CLICK on the INSTRUCTORS NAME associated with that badge you would like to work on. It’s just that easy! Advancement will be notified at the same time the counselors is.

Merit Badge Counselors take your YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING by clicking here!

Merit Badge Counselors Orientation ~ Supplimental Adult Training Sheet

Don’t forget to send Troop Database Administrator and Troop Committee Chair a copy of your certificate of training!


You can request either an Individual Progress Report or a Board of Review Report anytime from the Advancement Chair. The Individual Progress Report ( IPR ) will be a historical look back from where you currently are. The Board of Review ( BOR ) report is specifically looking at your preparedness for an upcoming Board of Review.